The preparation of the pad for your Rhino Tank is the responsibility of the customer. Our preferred base material is fine crusher dust; however, if crusher dust is not available in your area please insist on using screened course river sand. It must be free of sticks, stones and clay lumps (6mm diameter or less). 

  • Level Pad (+/‐ 10mm)
  • Minimum thickness of pad is 150mm or 6 Inches
  • Dimensions are outlined in the pad size/specification sheet below.
  • Ensure adequate compaction of the sub soil to avoid subsidence for deep pads.
  • The customer is required to place an exclusion zone of minimum 10mm Blue Metal/Stone (no clay or concrete) around the base of the tank after installation to prevent erosion and deter rodents from digging around the base.

If Site Access or the Pad Quality is not adequate, it may be necessary for our installation team to leave the tank and re‐schedule the installation (possibly weeks) until the problem is corrected. Unfortunately, this will incur additional charges over and above the specified cost (to cover wages and travel).

Site Access 

  • Please ensure adequate access to the site for a small truck or 4WD and trailer, bearing in  mind soil and weather conditions.
  • Access is to be available to within 10 metres of site
  • If unable to meet these requirements please contact Tanclean- Rhino Water Tanks to make alternative arrangements. 

On The Day

    Attendance:  ™
  • You are most welcome to attend on the day but it is not essential.  It is difficult to finalise a particular installation date in advance
     due  to the weather, freight and labour. 
  • Water: 
  • The Customer is required to arrange water supply of a minimum of 35 - 40 % volume of tank capacity being built in terms of literes of water upon competation to stabilize the liner. This amount represents an average of a single tanker load of water for the smallest size of ourtank: RT-25. Please note that tank installation may have to be postponed and additional charges would be levied in case water is not made available immediately after installation. 
    Note: Rhino Water Tanks & Liners are suitable for the storage of water within a PH range of3-7, and a Temperature range of -6 Deg Cent. to 40 Deg. Cent. 
  • Payment:
  • A Tax Invoice will be forwarded upon notification by the installation team of PracticalCompletion. Payment towards supply has to be made against Proforma Invoice andinstallation charges payment immediately on successful erection and commissioning. (unless otherwise arranged and approved by Tanclean management in writing).

Pad Preparation

Suggested Pad Levelling Technique 
With a spirit level on top of a screed, level out the sand or crusher dust using a temporary pole in the centre of the pad as a pivot point. 

Most sites will fall into 3 main categories. 
1. Level existing site therefore Pad preparation is reasonably straight forward. 



2. Slightly sloping site therefore Pad needs to compensate slope to ensure it is level. 

3. Site has been cut in to create level base therefore we recommend a drain to be dug into the slope above the pad to allow water runoff to be diverted around the tank when it rains. 






Tank Model Capacity in Liters Minimum PadDia in Mts/Ft. # Qty. of Sand/CrusherDust at 150mm /6” deep # Qty. of Blue Metal/ Stone Water Reqd.(Lits)
RT-25 26,062 5.50m / 18 Ft 4 CM / 150 CF 2 CM / 75 CF 10000
RT-40 40,723 6.50m / 21 Ft 6 CM / 200 CF 3 CM / 100 CF 16000
RT-60 58,640 7.50m / 25 Ft 8 CM / 300 CF 4 CM / 150 CF 24000
RT-80 79,816 8.50m / 28Ft 10 CM / 350 CF 5 CM / 175 CF 32000
RT-100 104,250 9.50m / 31 Ft 12 CM / 450 CF 6 CM / 225 CF 40000
RT-130 131,941 10.50m / 34 Ft 15 CM / 550 CF 8 CM / 275 CF 52000
RT-160 162,890 11.50m / 38 Ft 18 CM / 650 CF 9 CM / 325 CF 64000
RT-200 197,097 12.50m / 41 Ft 21 CM / 750 CF 11 CM / 375 CF 80000
RT-230 234,562 13.50m / 44 Ft 25 CM / 900 CF 13 CM / 450 CF 90000


Ring Beam Preparation

All commercial water storage tanks require construction on a concrete ring beam footing. It is imperative for the client to ensure foundations and civil works for the site are adequate. Ring beam design is dependent on tank size and location. Appropriate design specification drawings are supplied by Rhino at the time of order.



Rhino Water Tanks has a network of specially trained tank installers across Australia. Our installers focus on quality and excellent service to ensure the job is manufactured, supplied and installed to the customer's specific requirements.

All Rhino tanks are transported to site in flat pack form and then assembled on site. This allows us to position the fittings to the customer's individual requirements and gives us the ability to install tanks on sites with reduced accessibility. Most of our commercial tanks are assembled with the use of cranes as demonstrated in these photos.