Rhino Water Tank Overview.

Paulson Enterprises with utmost pride brings you RHINO TANKS which is a new generation and an unique concept in water and liquid storage systems. RHINO TANKS is based in Perth, Australia and has a wide presence worldwide in the concept of this unique water and liquid storage system.


RHINO TANKS comprises of a bolted — panel and liner design which are pre-fabricated, pre-engineered and site assembled: The. outer. shell is. of highly corrosion-resistant, corrugated Zincalume Steel for structural strength. The Zinc alume and Colorbond Sheets used by RHINO TANKS are manufactured by Bluescope Steel , Australia who are world renowned for their quality,


Water or liquids are held in a new generation inner liner " INFINITY" which is manufactured in Japan It is a patented product which has a very special custom fabricated multi-layer sheet compromising of three layers of polyethylene, a reinforced woven PP scrim for strength and backed by a food grade Metallocene contact layer. Metallocene has a higher molecular density than Kevlar ( which is commonly used in bullet proof vests and armoured vehicles). INFINITY has been tested and certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to meet the most stringent American Quality Standards. It has superior tear strength with a service life of 60 years and a manufacturing facility ISO-9001 , with "Five Ticks".


With the experience and exposure of executing major projects worldwide ,we are confident of meeting your exacting standards and confirm to all your requirements in water tank solutions. Hoping to be of service to you soon.