Advantages And Superior Features Of Rhino Tanks

  • Can be installed at site in one day and made ready to store water – Highly skilled and experienced RHINO-Australia trained engineers execute the installation in any location across India.
  • Shell Material of Construction absolutely maintenance-free for its entire warranted period – and beyond. Only Genuine BLUESCOPE® – The World’s best Zincalume Sheets manufactured in Australia are used for the RHINO Tanks.
  • World’s Best Quality Japanese 5-Layer Liner “Rhino Infinity Liner” with state of the art food grade, UV treated, multi layered film called Metallocene, laminated to the existing reinforced Woven Scrim and polyethylene liner gives extra layers of strength and durability. Liner material tested and certified to meet the most stringent American Quality Standards. Service Life of 60 Years, exclusively available only with RHINO Tanks.
  • World class quality manufactured by the leader for the last 20 years, with more than 4500 tanks manufactured and supplied every year in 25 countries around the world. Manufacturing Facility certified ISO-9001, with ‘Five-Ticks’ Standards Mark indicating compliance to outstanding manufacturing standards.
  • RHINO Tanks have partnered with TANCLEANTM in India, the World’s Largest Tank Cleaning service, having its presence for over a decade in more than 100 cities and towns in India across 23 states, ensuring excellent post-installation support and service.
  • Very Cost effective investment considering the like life and maintenance.
  • No hassles and requirements of Painting, Water-proofing and other usual problems arising out of poor workmanship and quality of material of construction etc.
  • Large range of sizes from 26000 Liters to 25 Lakh Liters. Multiple tanks staging possible in clusters. Storage Capacity of the installed tank can be increased at a later date if required at minimal cost – Modular design.
  • No fear of leakages due to corrosion, environment or construction quality reasons.
  • Disintegration of surface and ceiling due to ingress and aggression of Chlorine Gas, like in concrete tanks, is totally absent, increasing the life of the tank.
  • Can be knocked down and re-assembled at a different site if required in just one day.
  • Can be manufactured and tailor-made to suit any design criteria.
  • Can be installed in any difficult-to-reach areas and sites where any kind of construction equipments and materials are difficult to be moved.
  • Warranted for 10 Years Life. Design Life is 60 Years.
  • Can be installed in any topographical areas like forests, rural and urban areas. Can also be put up in places which are otherwise impracticable for other uses (Under Bridges, in underground parking lots or under stadium stands for instance) resulting in optimizing the utilization of space.
  • No Extensive Foundation required. Infact can be easily installed on hard rock, without any excavation at all.
  • Not affected by UV Radiation.
  • Suitable for a large range of liquids, vegetable oils and also for sewage treatment plants as well.
  • Available in a range of colors and shades to suit any kind of environment and architecture.

Composition & Fabrication of Infinity Liner Of Rhino Tanks





Sr. No. Comparison Parameters RCC Tanks
1 Construction Time Takes a lot of time, 6 to 15 months.Citizens deprived of timely supply of drinking water, causing hardships tothem & bad name to department. Most GSR Tanks up to 2 lakh liters canbe installed in One day. Others take up to a week, ESR's can be erected in One months time. Citizens get faster water & are benefitted, Department gets credit of faster execution of jobs.
2 Income Due to Time Loss of Precious Revenue due to longer time taken for construction. Revenue from water supply can be immediately started.
3 Saving Due to Time - 1 (Cost Escalation Clause) Cost escalation @ 10-12% has to be given to Construction Companies due to increase in cost of raw material andlabor. Not Such Cost escalation is required to be paid as execution is very fast and all costs are pre-determined and final. Huge Savings to Department.
4 Saving Due to Time - 2 (Dept.'s Manpower & Infrastructure inputs) Cost escalation @ 10-12% has to be given to Construction Companies due to increase in cost of raw material andlabor. No such Expenses are incurred as work gets completed fast and billing is full & final in one stroke, Saves precious man-hours and Money for Department.
5 Better Quality of Construction Several parameters required to be taken care of like, Quality & Grade of Cement used, Ratio of Mixture, Quality of Reinforcement Steel, Casting & Curing methodology etc. etc. Being factory manufactured and assembled at site, all tanks will be of the same best quality, resulting in consistency and better quality of construction.
6 Saving Due to Better Quality Lakhs of Rupees required to be spent on Maintenance, Waterproofing, Painting etc. due to such Inferior Construction Quality problems. RHINO Tanks are totally maintenance free and have very minimal and negligible cost of maintenance. Lakhs of Rupees saved!
7 Convenience of Construction Difficult to construct in hilly areas and in deep rural areas. Work of Construction hampered due to weather conditions etc. Water required for construction Very Easy to construct in any topographical location at any time. Work can be undertaken at any time of the year. Water not required for construction.
8 Savings with Convenience Higher costs of construction due to interior sites and hilly areas. Water availability & costs make construction difficult and expensive No expenses involved due to such reasons, Saving money for the department.
9 Savings Due to Controlled Costs Proposals/Tenders many times have to be accepted 20‐40% above DSR Rates due to constraint of costs and uncertainty of expenses during execution. No such eventuality can take place. Department saves precious money.
10 No Fear of Leakage or Seepage in case of RHINO Tanks RCC - GSR’s and Underground Tanks have been known to leak causing loss of Revenue to the extent of 5-10% and fear of contamination of water as well No fear of leakages and Seepages ever, resulting in increased revenue to the Department, also total safety of stored water from contamination.
11 RHINO Tanks can be Easily Relocated No RCC Tank built can be ever relocated. In case there's a change in use of land or RCC tank is built on land temporarily acquired, the investment is wasted if location needs to be changed. The entire tank can be relocated easily with minimal cost and efforts. Saving tremendous hardships for the department.
12 Saving Due to Relocation The entire investment of the department is lost in case of relocation or change of land use. Lakhs of Rupees can be saved and recovered by the department in case tanks have to be relocated at a later date.
13 Saving Even after Completion of Tank Life The department needs to spend money in case an abandoned/non‐functional tank has to be demolished, very less or absolutely no money is recovered after demolition of the tank. Very minimal expense involved in removing the tank. Will generate precious revenue for Department even after Completion of life as the entire tanks material is re-cyclable and carries good commercial value.
14 No Danger of ESR’s Falling Due to improper quality Of Construction Cases of ESR’s failing due to faulty construction quality and workmanship have been observed. There cannot be such a case as the entire structure is factory manufactured under strict quality supervision and all tanks will be consistent in quality
15 Capacity Can be increased at a later Date resulting in Saving of Cost, Space & Time Capacity of the RCC tanks cannot be increased once constructed. Capacity of the RHINO Tanks can be increased at a later date in case the demand for the water grows in the region. Saves huge amount of cost, space and time to the Department.
16 Additional Income Due to Immediate increase in capacity No income possible as capacity cannot be increased Department can gain additional revenue immediately as tank capacity can be easily increased with minimal down time.
17 Totally Earthquake & all Weather proof Even mild earthquakes and weather related risks can cause permanent damage and leakage to the RCC tank Being modular in construction the design is totally earthquake proof and all weather proof, no danger of supply being hampered due to any such eventuality.
18 Savings in case of any eventuality Investment is lost in case of any such eventuality, causing huge loss to Department. No problems can be caused to the tanks, Saving huge amount of time money and resources in case of any natural calamity or eventuality.